Five reasons why I love open water swimming, but there are many more….

It was early May and the water was freezing!

I took my first plunge into a lake about 5 years ago and still vividly remember the experience like it was yesterday.

I have always wanted to experience open water swimming so a friend and I went to Gosfield Lake in Essex. Having a friend with me gave me the push to give it a go. 

I gingerly walked down the steps into the lake and it was a bit of a shock!  However, once got over the initial shock and got used to the temperature, I absolutely loved it.  

This wasn’t about how far or how fast I could go, it was literally about getting in the water and giving something new a go. The experience was exhilarating and then sense of achievement was immense. 

I swam breast stroke with my head up and that was enough for my first foray into open water swimming.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I love open water swimming

1. Swimming in nature.

I love watching all the wildlife, the ducks swimming,  the geese nesting on the far away bank,  the birds flying over head and the clouds in the sky.  

2. Being in a Community of like-minded people

Open water swimming has a great community feel.  Everyone is so friendly and there is always someone to talk to or swim with. 

3. Mental Well-being boost

Swimming in nature gives a real boost to mental well-being.  It helps me to clear my head and gain perspective back.  It’s a brilliant thing to do in the evening after work or on a weekend.

4. A sense of achievement

Sometimes I just want to savour the moment and enjoy just being on the water.  Other times I want to push myself and try to swim faster or further.  Sometimes it feels good to beat my time that you set previously or do more front crawl than I have previously managed.

5. Taking friends to swim in open water for the first time

One of the things I love is taking someone who has never tried open water swimming to Gosfield Lake for the first time.  Yes they may feel a little anxious initially , but I know they will absolutely love it once they get in. The smile on their face afterwards is fantastic to see.

  • I would highly recommend anyone giving open water swimming a go.
  • Please keep safe
  • Never go on your own
  • Do some research first
  • Always take a tow float

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