I wrote this article for the January 2023 addition of Top Santa magazine to provide some helpful tips on overcoming anxiety during the perimenopause and menopause. As a Thrive Programme Coach I have helped many women struggling with anxiety who have been going through this transitional time of their life. Please get in touch if you would like some support. I offer a free initial chat to learn more about how the Thrive Programme could help you.

I co-authored The Bounce Back Journey of Women’s Health, writing a chapter on my roller coaster journey through infertility treatment from surviving to thriving. I really struggled managing my thinking during this time. The multiple rounds of IVF treatment were starting to impact on my mental health. However, I ultimately came out of this experience feeling much stronger and happier than I had ever done before, making it a defining moment of my life.

As a follow on, I co-authored another book where I talk about coming to terms with the IVF treatment failing and choosing to adopt instead. We now have a beautiful daughter and cannot imagine life without her. Please get in touch if you are struggling to cope with IVF or the adoption process, I can help.