Use this form to contact me Sue Tetley from Sue Tetley Wellness to see how I can help you.

I can help with:

  • Overcoming social anxiety that is stopping you from exercising
  • Challenging unhelpful beliefs around exercise
  • Manage your thinking during injury and illness
  • Help increase confidence to achieve fitness goals
  • Increase motivation
  • Create and maintain positive exercise habits
  • Set short, medium and long term fitness goals
  • Manage your thinking effectively before, during and after, whether this is going to a class for the first time or for a particular event.
  • Strategies to optimise performance in endurance events. We spend loads of time training our bodies, but if we don’t keep our heads all our hard work training physically could go to waste.
  • All the techniques and strategies I give to people, I have done myself. These have enabled me to achieve my goals and effectively put myself out of my comfort zone and manage my thinking well.
  • Mental health issues or just feeling a bit stuck in life. Help available for fears, phobias, anxiety, depression, coping with chronic illness, coping with infertility or the menopause through the Thrive Programme

Please see my services page for more information on what I offer including my accountability group where you get the first month for FREE.

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Find me at
PTC Sudbury
Unit 5, Warehouse 1b
Stour Valley Business Centre
Brundon Lane
C010 7GB

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