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At Sue Tetley Wellness I believe that anyone can get fit and they don’t need to go to the gym to do this!

I am passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals. Sometimes there can be so many barriers that stop us getting fit and we can feel frustrated when we don’t know where to start in overcoming them.

I offer 1:1 mindset fitness coaching, goal setting and accountability.

If social anxiety, unhelpful beliefs and a lack of confidence is stopping you achieving your fitness and sporting goals, I can help.

Please get in touch via our contact us page to arrange at Sue Tetley Wellness for a free initial chat.

I can offer help with:

  • Fitness mindset
  • Challenging limiting beliefs
  • Setting realistic goals and keeping you accountable 
  • Overcoming social anxiety
  • Overcoming fear and anxiety related to taking part in events or open water swimming 
  • Creating positive fitness habits 
  • Overcoming mental blocks that are stopping you achieving your goals

Head over to our blog to see how I am getting on and some of the hurdles I have overcome

About me

My name is Sue and I have been helping people for many years now create a positive mindset, overcome mental health issues and challenge unhelpful beliefs stopping them living life to the full.

I love challenging myself and putting myself out of my comfort zone, particularly with physical challenges. I don’t run particularly fast and none of it comes easy to me, but I do it anyway! It’s always about aspiring to be the best version of myself, not comparing myself to others

This year I did my first half Ironman triathlon and marathon. I am 44 years old and now do far more than I ever did when I was in my 20’s and 30’s.

I also love open water swimming and plan is to swim over winter again at my local lake.

I’m a ‘This Girl Can’ Ambassador for Suffolk and also a Mental Health Champion for my local triathlon club, organising the community RunAndTalk events.

I set up my business as I really want to help inspire and motivate others to get more physically active and start gaining that belief and self confidence that they can do it! If I can do it, anyone can!

Many thanks for Farley and the team at Breakout Long Melford for helping me get this website off the ground

Fitness accountability sessions start in May. These will be one hour sessions twice a month in the evenings to help keep you on track to achieve your fitness goals. The first month is FREE when signing up to my newsletter below. Then if you wish to continue it will be £16 per month.

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